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 Night Voices (March 2023)

A jaded late-night talk radio host in a cycle of hopelessly demoralizing monotony makes a life-altering decision while on the air.


Night Voices starring Gorman Ruggiero (from Calf Rope) is a psychological thriller that stretches the previously self-imposed boundaries for Dadley Productions with a film that is intended for more mature audiences and therefore is not recommended for children under the age of 12. 

Night Voices was launched onto the film festival circuit on March 30, 2023, and has already won over 50 film awards from around the world including seven awards from the Milan Gold Awards, in Italy, seven from the Paris Film Awards in France, four from the Crown Wood International Film Festival in India, and five awards from the Crown Point International Film Festival (CPIFF) in Chicago, Illinois.

‘Night Voices’ is a must-watch for anyone interested in meaningful storytelling

and exceptional cinematic craftsmanship." -


"A profoundly stirring portrait of buried animosity, deep-seated pain, and the desperation of hopelessness... and the overwhelming potency of innocence, ... gets painted on the canvas of a wholly believable and fully essential core message." - CPIFF film critic, Kirk Fernwood.

"Teach us the brevity of life so that we may grow in wisdom."
~Psalms 90:12~
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