Bradley Hawkins began his acting career in the early 1990's, starring on stage in lead roles in several plays and musical theater productions, as well as working in commercials, print jobs, television shows, short films, industrials, and feature films throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Hawkins and his young family moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1997 where he taught acting, film studies, and humanities courses at the high school level, and directed several stage productions throughout his 14 years as an educator.

Since retiring from service as a high school teacher, in 2012, Hawkins returned to acting on-camera and branched out as an award-winning indie film director, with his debut comedy short, ROLLER COASTER earning 30 film festival awards across the country. His second short, the comedy-fantasy, FILLING IN, more than doubled the award count of Roller Coaster and was screened all around the world, including in Australia, Canada, England, Italy, and Lithuania, as well as at festival screenings throughout 19 states in the USA. 


Hawkins' latest short film, the semi-autobiographical coming-of-age family drama, CALF ROPE, was released in June 2020 and has already exceeded the success of Filling In with 82 awards in just five month's time. Between the three films, Hawkins has won 19 awards for his direction, and as a result of his guidance and decades of on-camera experience, actors in all three of his films have won over 50 awards for their work in the films that he has directed as well.

Over the past 25 years, Hawkins has studied with some of the best known acting coaches in the country and has developed his own unique coaching/directing style for actors of all ages which he continues to enjoy mentoring and working with today.